Heirloom: Ketchup/Catsup

This recipe has been handed down to me from my great-grandmother's recipe collection.  Originally written in German, it was translated to English; now I'm sharing it with you.  Wonderful, alongside of April's heirloom recipe (BBq Sauce) at a barbecue/picnic or with March's National Day of Something on a Stick (Corndogs). Homemade, without all the chemicals … Continue reading Heirloom: Ketchup/Catsup


Picnics, family reunions, summer bbqs, potlucks - what do they all have in common?  Food, lots of food, delicious food, gooey & chewy food and there is a good chance there are brownies there. These are dense & chewy brownies; better the 2nd day and completely non-dairy.  My taste-testers (including me) loved these.  I hope … Continue reading Brownies