National Day of Chocolate Covered Nuts – Feb. 19th

Feb. 19th was National Day of Chocolate Covered Nuts.  Here is my recipe.


4 ounces non-dairy chocolate

1 cup nuts, roasted & unsalted (I used cashews)

Pinch salt

1/4 teaspoon coconut or Crisco



Melt  the Crisco or chocolate in a double boiler; stir in salt; remove from heat & stir in nuts.  Stir to coat nuts; pour out onto waxed paper lined pan to cool.  Cool to room temperature, then place into refrigerator for 30 minutes; break into pieces (or you can scoop with a spoon & place on pile on waxed paper).


Store in refrigerator.




Fish Fry

This week I am sharing a quick and easy recipe – fish fry.  I’ve tried several varieties with this recipe; all have been successful.  My favorite two are cashews & cornmeal – just change this one ingredient, leaving all the rest the same for a delicious change.  I’ve also used both tilapia & salmon with this as well – both work well with this recipe.  It would also work well with most any other fish.


3/4 cup flour (I prefer unbleached, all-purpose)

1 cup cornmeal OR ground up cashews



Salt (I use the pink Himalayan salt in a grinder – 3-4 grinds or so, to taste

1-2 teaspoons hot and smoky seasoning (use your favorite & use more if you want a deep smoky flavor)


1 teaspoon onion powder

1 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder


Whisk all ingredients together.



To cook fish (2 servings)

2 tilapia filets, thawed; rinsed & patted dry

3/4 cup cashew milk (or your choice of milk)

3/4 – 1 cup of fish fry mixture

Put the fish fry mixture in a long bowl and pour the milk in a separate long bowl.


Heat about 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium heat.


Dip the fish filet in milk & dip in fish fry mixture.


Carefully lower coated fish in hot oil and cook 3 minutes or so, until golden; carefully flip to the other side & cook another 3 minutes or so until golden.



Drain well on paper towels a minute or two & serve hot.



What fish would you try this on?


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Creamy Dressing (Garlic/Ranch) & Bonus Tilapia Recipe

I miss dairy; to be exact, I miss CHEESE!  I also miss ranch dressing – for my veggies.  I prefer oil/vinegar based dressing for my salads (vinaigrette/Italian/etc), but for dipping veggies I only want ranch – so choosing to play with a non-dairy ranch dressing came into my mind early on in my non-dairy journey; I’ve just now found a combination that I really enjoy with fresh veggies.

Here is a “Creamy Dressing”.  Can be creamy garlic or ranch.  Make it your own!


Creamy Dressing
Creamy Dressing

1 cup raw cashews

2 cups cashew milk

1-2 tbsp garlic, minced (to taste, add more if you like garlic; less if you don’t)

3 tsp vinegar (I used unseasoned rice vinegar)

3 tbsp fresh parsley, finely minced

2 tbsp chives, finely minced

1/2 tsp onion powder

teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 –  1/2 tsp sugar (1/2 tsp is a little on the sweet side, but not sugary like a sweet dish)

dill weed, optional


Grind raw cashews into fine powder (I use my coffee grinder).

Raw Cashews and Cashew Powder
Raw Cashews and Cashew Powder

In blender, combine cashew meal, cashew milk & garlic; blend until combined.

cashew powder in Ninja
cashew powder in Ninja
Mincing garlic
Mincing garlic
Minced Garlic
Minced Garlic
combined, ready to blend
combined, ready to blend
Blended Cashews and Garlic
Blended Cashews and Garlic

Next, strain mixture into bowl or blender bowl using a fine mesh sieve to remove as much of the remaining nut chunks as possible (to have a smooth dressing).

straining cashew cream
straining cashew cream

add remaining ingredients to blender bowl & mix until finely blended.  Keep in refrigerator in sealed jar or bowl.  Use within about a week.

This is delicious for more than just dipping veggies or on salad.  See below for a bonus recipe that I used this creamy dressing with.

Creamed Tilapia

In baking dish, drizzle some olive oil & sprinkle a very little salt & pepper.  Over that, place sliced onions & repeat with olive oil and S&P.  On top of the onions, lay the tilapia and repeat again with the olive oil and S&P.  Bake in oven at 350* for about 8-10 minutes or until fish is cooked through & flakes easily with a fork.  Remove to serving plate and drizzle creamy dressing over; place cooked onions on plate and add creamy dressing again.

Also great is frozen peas; cooked through & tossed with some of the creamy dressing…YUM, YUM, YUM!

Below are pictures for this recipe.

prep fish for oven with olive oil, onions, salt and pepper
prep fish for oven with olive oil, onions, salt and pepper
cooked fish
cooked fish & onions
Finished fish with creamy peas
finished fish with creamy peas


I hope you enjoy this recipe; please leave a comment and tell me your ideas for this creamy dressing!

Eva’s Fettuccine (Aka: Fettuccine Alfredo) and Creamy Mock Alfredo

This recipe is from a special lady named Eva.  She was inspiring.  After her husband passed away, she raised her children on her own and during that time, returned to school and became a registered nurse.  Later in her life (60’s) she returned to school again and became a massage therapist.  She continued as a massage therapist until she was in her late 80’s.  Sadly, we lost this lovely lady last September.  She was in her mid-90’s.  One of the things Eva was known best for was her fettucine.  It was a staple at the church’s monthly potluck.  She graciously shared her recipe with the ladies of the church years ago.  When I was thinking about what recipe to share, this came to mind.  The second recipe is the creamy alfredo recipe I was contemplating prior to thinking about Eva’s recipe.  Because both recipes are delicious I had to share both of them with you.  Enjoy!


Eva’s Fettuccine

7 cups pasta, cooked

1 ½ cubes Earth Balance

8 oz cream cheese (I use Dayia brand)

1/3 c water

Dash pepper

2 garlic cloves, crushed

½ c Mock Parm (parmesan cheese) (scroll down to the next post to see the recipe for Mock Parm)

1/4 c non-dairy Mozzarella Shreds (I use Dayia Brand – this is not in the original recipe – it is to take the place of the parm)

2 tbsp parsley


Combine Earth Balance, cream cheese, water, pepper and garlic.

Getting Started - EB, Dayia, Water, Pepper, Garlic - microwave 3 minutes, whisking well after each minute.
Getting Started – EB, Dayia, Water, Pepper, Garlic – microwave 3 minutes, whisking well after each minute.

Microwave 3 minutes; using a wire whisk, stir occasionally until well

Whisk after each minute, until thoroughly combined
Whisk after each minute, until thoroughly combined

add Mock Parm, mozzarella shreds and parsley.

Mock Parm, Mozarella Shreds (chop in blender until in small pieces) and parsley
Mock Parm, mozzarella Shreds (chop in blender until in small pieces) and parsley

Mix well.

Mix Well
Mix Well
until creamy and well mixed.
until creamy and well mixed.

Combine with pasta and serve.

Eva's Fettucini - Non-Dairy
Eva’s Fettuccine – Non-Dairy


Creamy Mock Alfredo

1 c raw cashews, ground into fine powder (I used coffee grinder)

2 c cashew milk

2-3 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp salt

1 tsp onion powder, heaping

1 1/2 tsp garlic powder, heaping

3/4 c Mock Parm

1/2 cube Earth Balance

3 tbsp spoonfuls of minced garlic, heaping (I used jarred to save time)

1/2 c mozarella shreds, blended into small pieces

1/4 c parsley


Place the cashew meal in your blender with the almond milk, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon salt, and onion powder. Puree until smooth.

Melt Earth Balance in a large sauce pan over medium heat. Add the garlic and sauté for 1 minute.

Pour the cashew cream into the pan, through a fine mesh sieve, if desired, to remove any little nut bits remaining.

Add in remaining ingredients except parsley and whisk

Bring to a low bubble, while constantly whisking until it thickens to your desired consistency, usually 1 to 2 minutes. If it thickens too much, add splashes of almond milk to thin.


Add parsley and mix in; season to taste with additional salt, if needed and serve.

Creamy Mock Alfredo
Creamy Mock Alfredo