Wintertime is a time when we are looking for hot foods to warm us up.  This recipe fits that description both in temperature and spice, depending on your spice and/or sausage choice (chorizo sausage anyone?).  Perfect served with a salad, warm tortillas or cornbread.   ¼ cup dry kidney beans ¼ cup dry black beans … Continue reading Chili

Minestrone Soup

Winter begs for warm foods for comfort and to warm ourselves inside.  Minestrone is a delicious vegetable soup.  You can add in meat, if desired.   Three 32 ounce boxes chicken stock (or water or vegetable stock for vegetarian/vegan option) 2 cup water 2 tablespoons chicken soup base (or vegetable for vegetarian/vegan option) 4 potatoes (I … Continue reading Minestrone Soup