Cheeze Tray for Holiday Celebrations

When I was researching recipes for Thanksgiving, I was intrigued by cheese trays for appetizers.  After some research, I created a non-dairy version.  The best part of this "recipe" is that there are so many options to customize.  This is also a great recipe to share non-dairy cheeses with those who have never tried it … Continue reading Cheeze Tray for Holiday Celebrations

National Day of Chocolate Covered Nuts – Feb. 19th

Feb. 19th was National Day of Chocolate Covered Nuts.  Here is my recipe.   4 ounces non-dairy chocolate 1 cup nuts, roasted & unsalted (I used cashews) Pinch salt 1/4 teaspoon coconut or Crisco     Melt  the Crisco or chocolate in a double boiler; stir in salt; remove from heat & stir in nuts. … Continue reading National Day of Chocolate Covered Nuts – Feb. 19th

Appetizers: Teriyaki Wings (Heirloom Recipe)

This fall-off-the-bone-tender appetizer is one of my heirloom recipes from my grandmother; it was her go to recipe.  She loved a good party (family, friends & food) even if she wasn't rooting for the teams, but by the end of the day she'd decided who she was rooting for & was one of the loudest … Continue reading Appetizers: Teriyaki Wings (Heirloom Recipe)