Jerry’s Coleslaw

My dad and mom make coleslaw from scratch all the time; my dad does a grand job on chopping up the vegetables, and my mother usually makes the dressing.  Recently, my dad was trying to help out and added an additional ingredient, and thus created this unique take on Coleslaw.

1 medium head cabbage, finely chopped

(optional, shredded carrots; finely chopped red cabbage)

1 to 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise (use vegan mayonnaise for a vegan option)

1 tablespoon of your favorite vinegar

2 tablespoons of Ripple milk (or your favorite non-dairy milk)

1 tablespoon sugar

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 teaspoon celery seed, crushed between palms

1 to 1 1 /2 teaspoon prepared mustard


Combine milk and vinegar, set aside for a few minutes; combine remaining ingredients, except vegetables.  Once milk and vinegar has set; combine with remaining dressing ingredients and toss with vegetables.  Refrigerate overnight for best taste.




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