Grilled Corn

This is another perfect side for a grilling party or camping trip.  It is easy and can be put together the night before grilling.


4 ears corn with husks

1 cube Melt (or whichever non-dairy butter you prefer), room temperature

1-2 teaspoons seasoning mix (whatever your favorite is)


Combine seasoning mix with soft Melt; divide in 4ths and set aside.  Pull husks back as far as possible & remove silk for each ear.  Rub each ear with 1/4 of Melt mixture and pull husks back up around ear.  Grill over hot coals; start with 3-5 minutes, and then turn ear to grill another 3-5 minutes; repeat until ears are cooked through.


This can be prepared ahead; once corn has Melt mix and husks pulled back up, place in ziploc bag or wrap in plastic and store in refrigerator until ready for grilling, up to 24 hours.





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