Compare: Other Brands

There are many brands of food that have non-dairy items & I’m sure that there are more out there that I have yet to discover.



First up is Tofutti.  I use both the sour cream & cream cheese.  I find that the cream cheese, especially is good.  No, it doesn’t taste like dairy cream cheese, however, the consistence is similar.  I especially like this brands cream cheese for cheese cake, cheese balls & any other recipe that calls for cream cheese.  I’ve used the sour cream just a few times & it is especially yummy with chili & homemade burritos. So creamy!

This brand does have soy in it so for those that are not able to have soy, this brand will have to be avoided.  I personally, not due to allergies, stay away from soy as much as possible due to the controversy over soy & women’s health.  However, I when I do have something with soy, it’s Tofutti.


Amy’s Kitchen

This brand is a vegetarian/vegan food brand & if you try the vegan items, they will be dairy free.  You do need to watch since the vegetarian foods do have cheese and/or milk in them.  I especially like the black bean burritos.  I like to keep them stocked in my freezer for an easy meal – I don’t even miss the cheese.


King David (vegan, found on Amazon)

They’ve chips – chocolate, white, butterscotch, caramel

I’ve the white chips, I’ve only used them with the peppermint bark last year – they were a bit interesting to melt – definitely different from standard white chocolate chips, but they worked fine & tasted delicious.  I found these on Amazon & they came 4 in a case – I’m still working on finding other recipes to use them in.

I’m planning on purchasing & trying the butterscotch & caramel chips next (& quite possibly, eating by the handful…).



They have dairy-free caramel that is amazing.  The golden vanilla caramel is yummy, but the sea salt chocolate caramels by far are my favorite.  All of their caramels just melt in your mouth…so amazing!

In addition to the candy, AvenueSweets also offer caramel sauce (including the sea salt chocolate & sea salt), various Brittles (Cashew, Pecan & Peanut).

I found AvenueSweets on Amazon.


Cocomels by JJ’s Sweets

Delicious non-dairy coconut milk based caramels & chocolate bars.  I’ve not had a chance to try the bars yet, but their caramels are very yummy.    You can find them on Amazon & on their website as well (click link above),


Some other brands that I’m planning on trying:


Premium Chocolatiers (offers various vegan/non-dairy options, including no no’s [m&m’s – plain & peanut], peanut butter cups, caramel nougat bars & milkless chocolate bars [milk (as in picture), dark & white].


What other brands have you tried?  Comment & let me know.

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