Stuffed Pepper Appetizers // Postponed Posts

This Friday is National Day of the Great American Pot Pie (9/23).  I'm having to postpone that post due my grandmother passing away this week.  I also won't have the nutrition post this next weekend as I'm postponing it to be with family.   I was saving this recipe for another post, but I'll share this … Continue reading Stuffed Pepper Appetizers // Postponed Posts

Heirloom: Turkey Sandwich Spread

This month's heirloom recipe is one of my mother's.  This is one of the ways she uses up leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  Our family LOVE it! Leftover Turkey Mayonnaise Liquid Smoke (found in the barbecue sauce isle in the store). Finely chop or grind up the leftover turkey; add mayo to combine; season with 1/4 to … Continue reading Heirloom: Turkey Sandwich Spread