Comparison – Chocolate Chips

This week I’m doing a comparison of non-dairy chocolate chips.  I’ve only used two brands and, I don’t actually know if there are any other brands on the market.  I use both the Enjoy Life & Chocolate Dream.


Enjoy Life comes in mini chocolate chips and chocolate chunks and the Chocolate Dream are more like the standard chip size.


I really like the mini chips for making homemade hot chocolate – melt in non-dairy milk over a stove & stir until thick.  If you like a richer, thicker hot chocolate, add more chips.  Here is a great recipe for homemade hot chocolate.  Last time I made it I wasn’t paying attention & I used 1 cup chips…oops…it was SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!  I’m making that mistake on purpose the next time I make the hot chocolate!  I also switch between cashew & coconut milk.  I love them both.  So good.

I use the chunks in cookies – I haven’t used them for any else yet.

I use the standard size chips for cookies and for eating.


I really can’t taste any difference between the two brands; I like them both ~ for eating and baking/cooking.


Bonus Recipe (Peppermint Bark)

IMG_3893   King David White Chocolate Chips, Enjoy Life Mini Chips & Peppermint candy canes

IMG_3895  IMG_3896 Break peppermint into pieces.

IMG_3899 Melt chocolate chips; pour in parchment-lined pan; cool in fridge until hard.

IMG_3903  Melt white chips & spread carefully over milk chocolate; sprinkle with peppermint pieces & refrigerate until firm.

IMG_3905  Break into pieces & enjoy!



Do you have a favorite brand?  Why?  Do you know of any other brands available?  Please comment & let me know.



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