Comparison – Butter

I’m a cheese girl, however, I used real butter (along with olive oil) in my cooking prior to going dairy free because it was a natural ingredient.  I’ve struggled for years with using margarines due to the controversy over the ingredients.  Dairy free caused a conundrum for me.  Did I want to substitute?  What did I want to try.  I have found that I really don’t use a major amount of the “butter” any more, so I’m okay with having small amounts on occasion.


For “Butter” ~ I mainly use Earth Balance, Melt & Coconut Oil

Earth Balance ~


has a “whipped” container that I use as “butter” ~ spread on bread & “baking bars” which are shaped like traditional butter ~ these are much easier for baking.  They can also be used as traditional butter.  One note on baking with EB ~ I use half EB & half Butter Flavored Crisco.  I have noticed that when I use just the EB the baking turns out much harder & a mix the finished product is a softer product.  EB has 3 flavors, regular, honey & chocolate.  I’ve not tried the chocolate yet, but the honey flavor is amazing on fresh-baked bread!  Even my dad, who is very strongly against anything “vegetarian/vegan” liked it.  Ease of use:  I have to allow it to sit & soften before using.  Eating/mouth feel:  Buttery flavor, I use this along with butter flavored Crisco in my baking (50/50).

Melt ~


I love this for spreading on bread as my “butter” more than Earth Balance.  I also cook/bake with this.  This is my main butter.  Ease of use:  It spreads more easily straight out of the fridge; if it sits too long it will get very soft, almost to a pour-able state.  Eating/mouth feel:  creamy, buttery, able to spread (mostly) right out of the refrigerator.  Honey flavored is just as yummy, lightly sweet.  Amazing on homemade bread…

Coconut Oil ~ (No picture)   I’ve just started using this, but have had success with it in the baking I have used it in so far.

Better Buttah ~


Ended up with flavored (garlic & chives) – delicious.  Found this at my local nutrition store.  Ease of use:  this liquefies at room temperature.   Eating/mouth feel:  Light & creamy.  (I’ve only used this once so far).

Smart Balance ~

IMG_4201     IMG_4199

Original:  Ease of use:  I’ve only used this once; I haven’t been able to form a strong opinion yet.  Eating/mouth feel:  Creamy, very light flavor.     Flax Oil:  Ease of use:  I’ve only used this once; I haven’t been able to form a strong opinion yet.  Eating/mouth feel:   Creamy, light flavor



IMG_4210 IMG_4211


Note on “margarines”:  I have found that most other margarines (with the exception of some of the Smart Balance) has some form of dairy (Casein/Caseinate, whey, etc); double-check carefully before purchasing ~ if in doubt, contact the company & ask.


Where I find these (the stores will be different for your area~ feel free to comment where you’re from & where you find your “butter”).

Earth Balance & Melt are found at Safeway’s.

Earth Balance is found at S-Mart, but only the “whipped”, you can also find this at Food-4-Less.

I think you can find both at Raley’s also.



Do you see what I see:


(Creepy finger pointing…)


What is your favorite brand/flavor?  Where do you find you “butter”?  Comment & let me know.

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