Amino Acids


I’m not a professional/nutritionist or a doctor; this is just the result of research that I’ve done for myself that I am sharing.  Please research for yourself and don’t forget to consult/discuss with your healthcare provider!


Last month I had a short article & links on protein; this month I am sharing about a nutrient that makes up part of protein – amino acids.  Amino Acids are key to our health.  I’m just going to share the links because these articles explain amino acids & their role in our bodies better than I could summarize.  Also, the first article has links on the right side to each individual amino acid for additional discovery.



Amino Acid Studies



In my studies, I have found that quinoa is a complete amino acid; for load of quinoa recipes, I use this yummy blog:

Wendy Polisi


I hope you find useful information to help you in your journey.  How do you get your amino acids?  Comment & let me know.


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