Comparison ~ Non-Dairy Milks

April’s comparison is non-dairy milks.

IMG_4276 IMG_4275

These can be found at most stores ~ I buy mine mostly at WinCo.

I keep shelf stable boxes in my pantry for storage & I purchase the ½ gallons from the dairy case for immediate use (until this month I was grocery shopping once a month & needed to have some for the end of my shopping month ~ these work great).


How I use non-dairy milks:

I like Cashew to bake & cook with & to drink; very light flavor; blends well & takes on flavor of what making; a slight sweetness in cooking ~ for savory dishes I usually go heavier on the seasonings, especially if using garlic and/or onion powder.

I drink Almond mostly; it has a stronger flavor than the cashew & a defined sweetness; I do cook and bake with it if I don’t have cashew or coconut

I bake with coconut (boxed vs. canned*); definite coconut flavor, great with chocolate. For Hot Chocolate ~ Coconut milk (or Cashew) & non-dairy chocolate chips (see below).

*For “cream” I use the canned full-fat coconut milk.


Favorite “cream” brands ~ A Taste of Thai (found at Walmart) & the Parrot brand (Walmart) & the Chaokoh brand, which I usually find it at S-Mart. My least favorite it Thai Kitchen. It just doesn’t have the body the other brands do, it has larger pieces of the coconut & it separates when used in cooking/baking; I feel it is just not as well made as the others.  However, for coffee creamer – Thai Kitchen is a good brand to use.

For specialty “milks” I like the So Delicious Brand ~ in the fall/winter, they offer various coffee creamers (pumpkin spice, peppermint); they also offer “Nog” which is the non-dairy/vegan version of Egg Nog. YUM!!


I have not tried homemade yet, but I’ve heard it is better than store-bought (definitely has less ingredients & is probably better for you).  I’ll update once I try homemade.



What is your favorite non-dairy milk?  How do you use them? Have you tried homemade?  Which do you prefer (store-bought or homemade).  Comment & let me know.

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