National Day of Something on a Stick – 3/28 (Corn Dogs)

GIVEAWAY Winner:  Congratulations to Marie Raye on winning my giveaway.  I hope you enjoy it!   National Day of Something on a Stick - Homemade Corn Dogs       This recipe comes from the cookbook Better Homes & Gardens Heritage Cookbook (pg. 334 under the Fairs & Expositions Heading, © 1976).  After devouring my mother’s … Continue reading National Day of Something on a Stick – 3/28 (Corn Dogs)


Disclaimer: I'm not a professional/nutritionist or a doctor; this is just the result of research that I've done for myself that I am sharing.  Please research for yourself and don't forget to consult/discuss with your healthcare provider!   This month I am discussing protein.  This is a macro-nutrient that our body needs for energy.  This … Continue reading Protein

Celebrating One Year: Giveaway

Enter here (Starts Sunday, March 20): a Rafflecopter giveaway One year ago I started this blog.  In celebration on my one year anniversary, I am giving away a non-dairy prize package.  Included are some of my favorite non-dairy goodies. CHOCOLATE: One bar of Sweet Chocolate Cream Creamy Sweet Chocolate Bar  Two Bars Amore Di Mona … Continue reading Celebrating One Year: Giveaway