Non-Dairy Pantry

In the year and a half since I went dairy-free, my pantry is another part that has changed.  I thought I’d share…


I keep shelf-stable milk in various flavors on hand for cooking & drinking.


The chocolate chips were on clearance, so I grabbed them (I actually use them quite often).


The flaked coconut is for making coconut butter for a future recipe (& possible blog post!).


Coconut milk for use as “cream” and for my non-dairy coffee creamer.


The “Tradewinds” is the only brand of “bacon bits” that don’t have lactose in them.  I found them at Smart & Final.


My most recent additions of Earth Balance Mac & Cheese, Chocolate Dream Milk Chocolate Bars, King David brand white chocolate chips & dry (coconut) milk powder.


Also showing are other chocolate bars ~ Milkless & Lindt Dark Chocolate.




What do you keep stocked in your non-dairy pantry?  Comment & let me know.



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