I’m not a professional/nutritionist or a doctor; this is just the result of research that I’ve done for myself that I am sharing.  Please research for yourself and don’t forget to consult/discuss with your healthcare provider!


When eliminating something from your diet, such as dairy items, it takes research & planning to make sure one is still receiving all the necessary nutrients needed for our bodies.  When going dairy free, one of the biggest nutrients lost is calcium.  Calcium is a mineral (Ca) that has several different functions in our body; most know that it is vital for strong bones and teeth, but did you know that it also helps with making sure our blood clots, it helps our nerves send messages through our body, it has a role in the release of hormones and enzymes and it helps with our muscle contractions, including our heart beating.  Our bodies cannot produce calcium so we need to get it from outside sources (food/supplements).

There are a good variety of foods that offer calcium to us.  See here and here for food lists.

Another thing that I understand could be a source of calcium is to (clean & dry) egg shells and grind to a fine powder & add to food.

I look forward to incorporating calcium rich foods into my diet.  I hope you find foods you can enjoy!


Resources: (food list here as well)

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