Comparison: Cheese

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One of the most difficult parts of going dairy-free for me was having to give up cheese.  I LOVE cheese.  My youngest brother, living in Washington State at the time of my allergy attack that changed everything asked my mom what I was going to do without cheese.  That was quite the dilemma for me.

IMG_3913     IMG_3919

About three weeks after the initial change I too a trip to one of the local health food stores & found Daiya.  It was a mental hurdle boost.  I was not a fan eating it plain, but once I tried it in casseroles/on pizza I was happy.


About 6 months ago I won an online contest and had a box of Follow Your Heart cheese sent to me.  It was a huge game changer for me.  When I ate it I immediately felt like I had eaten cheese.  I gobbled it up; couldn’t get enough.  I eat this on/with everything.  Then, a few weeks ago, my brother bought me some Chao.

This also was a cheese that my brain said, “I had cheese”.  They have a greater variety of flavors.  My favorites so far are the Tomato Cayenne & the Creamy Original.

I especially like the Chao & FYH for grilled cheese sandwiches.  I’ve also shredded FYH & at it on chips as “nachos”.  For New Years, I used the FYH for a cheese ball recipe.

IMG_3924 IMG_3927


Conclusion:  Still love cheese; I’m very happy with the options for non-dairy.  Quick glance:

Daiya ~ Do not want to eat straight out of the bag, but is great (preferred) in/on casseroles/on Pizza.

Follow Your Heart ~ I feel like I am eating cheese, flavor is similar to flavors of cheese; I love grilled “cheese” sandwiches with this.  It will melt, but at higher temperatures, but still works okay for grilled cheese.

Chao ~ I also feel like I am eating cheese.  They offer a different variety of flavors.  The coconut/herb is different, but still good.


Chips & Cheese (FYH)

One note:  the brand “Go Veggie” is NOT dairy free; it has Casein/Caseinate in it.  The exception is the “vegan” option.  Always check the labels!


I know that there are more options out there ~ I look forward to trying them all.


Do you have a favorite brand of non-dairy cheese?  Comment & let me know ~ I’d love to try it.

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