Old Fashioned Glazed Doughnuts


Today’s recipe is my favorite doughnuts.  Each month at work, the company buys doughnuts for the entire office to celebrate that month’s birthdays.  The old-fashioned glazed doughnuts were my first choice. Y.U.M.!  Since one of the main ingredients in old-fashioned glazed doughnuts is sour cream, going dairy free presented a problem…I couldn’t have them any more.  This was one of the first recipes I knew I wanted to try & after research on how they are made & ingredients in them, I present this recipe.  Y.U.M.!!

Original Recipe: (Here)  Keep scrolling for the non-dairy changes…


IMG_3253     IMG_3254

Sift dry ingredients                                             Cream sugar & Crisco

IMG_3258     IMG_3259

                                    Flax egg                                    Combine with creamed sugar/Crisco

IMG_3262     IMG_3265

Combine all together                                          Combine glaze ingredients

IMG_3266     IMG_3267

After dough has chilled; roll out                         punch out & score

IMG_3269 IMG_3273

Fry in hot (375*F to 400*F)                       Drain on wire rack over cookie sheet

IMG_3274     IMG_3275

Dip in glaze when cooled a few minutes                Repeat with remaining doughnut dough



non-dairy sour cream for regular sour cream

flax “egg” for egg yolks (1 tablespoon ground flax + 3 tablespoons water, let set until thickened – 10-15 minutes at least)

2 tablespoons butter flavored Crisco (in addition to what the recipe already calls for)


I would add at least 1/2 to 1 cup more flour – my dough was super sticky & I ended up trying to knead additional flour – which eventually kind of worked

I would heat oil to around 400*F – 425*F – I did it on accident for my first batch & they turned out perfectly; the ones I did at the lower oil temperature just didn’t hold together quite as well.  They still did “okay”, just not as great as the higher temp ones.

I would NOT recommend baking.

The flavor was delicious; the texture was okay.  If you want unflecked dough, don’t use the flax “egg”; use applesauce or banana instead (just remember to still use the extra “fat” [I used the Crisco, EB, Melt or coconut oil should also work well]).

I double dipped my doughnuts into the glaze.  After the first dip I allowed the doughnuts to cool & the glaze to harden a bit & then dipped again.  Then I let them cool completely.

Clean Up Tip:  Cover your surface with plastic wrap (slightly moisten underneath so it stays in place).  Roll out dough & cut out; clean up is much easier…just roll up plastic with the flour mess inside & toss out; wipe up any that still remains.



Pop over to Facebook to watch a short video of the doughnuts cooking…



Do you have a favorite doughnut?  Comment & let me know.

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