Mom’s Dressing

My journey into the dairy-free life began September 2014.  It presented quite the challenge a few months later with the Thanksgiving holiday.  Our family, in addition to my non-dairy, also has vegetarians and celiac disease.  This year, we had a different section for each of us…my mom graciously made individual food for each of us.  My favorite was her non-dairy dressing.  To make it non-dairy, substitute the butter with your favorite “butter” substitute; I prefer Earth Balance.  See notes at the end to make this recipe vegetarian or vegan.

Here is my mom’s recipe for dressing (“stuffing” if you cook in inside a turkey or chicken)

Mom's Dressing

Mom’s Dressing

 Gizzards, hearts and necks of bird

1-2 cubes butter

2-3 cups chopped onion

2-3 cups chopped celery

6-8 cups cubed dried/toasted bread

2 tbsp poultry seasoning (or to taste)

1/2 to 1 tsp sage, add more, to taste if you like

Chicken Broth

Boil gizzards and hearts with neck until soft; finely chop gizzards, heart and liver (discard neck or use for something else); sauté with 1 cube butter (EB); add onion, celery and remaining butter.  When translucent, mix with bread cubes; add seasonings.  Add enough broth to make moist but not too wet.  Bake in greased pan, covered for 30 minutes at 350F degrees.



To make this vegetarian, eliminate the gizzard, hearts and liver and substitute vegetable broth.  To make it vegan, do the same as the vegetarian substitutes and change the butter to a vegan/non-dairy substitute such as Earth Balance.


Delicious Dressing

Delicious Dressing



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